Petite collection for the Holidays | 11 Images

Petite collection created with bold color variations using a sweeping, expressive palette knife technique.

I love how little ones brighten any room in the house! Might be the perfect gift this holiday

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Close Information
Chrysanthemums Trio 5
Chrysanthemums Trio 5"x7" (frame 19"x16")
Chrysanthemums Duo 5
Chrysanthemums Duo 5" x 5" (fame 19"x16")
Sunflowers Trio 5
Sunflowers Trio 5"x7" (frame 19"x16")
Sunflowers Duo 5
Sunflowers Duo 5"x7" (frame 19"x16")
Poppy Trio 5
Poppy Trio 5"x7" (frame 19"x16")
Poppy Trio I 5
Poppy Trio I 5"x7" (frame 19"x16")
Tullips Duo 5
Tullips Duo 5"x7" (frame 19" x 16")
Tulips Trio 5
Tulips Trio 5"X7" (frame 19"X 16")
Chrysanthemums Bund 5
Chrysanthemums Bund 5"x7" (Silver frame 19"x16")
Tulips Trio II 5
Tulips Trio II 5"x 7" (Silver frame 19"x 16")
Tullips Duo II 5
Tullips Duo II 5"x7" (Silver frame 19"x16")